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Car Paint Job

Zong Infinity Co.,LTD is a Car Paint Shop located in Bangkok Thailand. We proudly use DuPont auto paint for car paint repair, car paint scratch repair, and car paint touch up. While we also use 3M and TOA products, it is DuPont automotive paint that we rely on when it comes to restoring cars to their natural color and finish in our state of the art auto paint shop.

DuPont automotive paint offers high-quality paints that are on the cutting edge of technology for protection and aesthetics. Motivated to keep your car’s exterior steady and attractive, DuPont automotive paint has many other benefits, including:
• Made from strong materials, it will aid in the protection of your car from possible paint chips and scratching
• Available in coatings of primer, basecoats, and clearcoats for comprehensive coverage
• Designed for both plastic and metal car parts so that any auto paint repair can be completed with DuPont automotive paints

DuPont automotive paint also comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee that promises you paint repair on your vehicle at any automotive body shop that carries DuPont automotive paint. Combined with the Zong Infinity guarantees that the work we do on your car will last as long as you own it, you are sure to get the best service aimed at customer satisfaction.

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