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Classic Car Restoration

There’s nothing quite like purchasing a classic or luxury car that is in disrepair and fixing it up yourself. The restoration project of your dream car can be an extremely fulfilling task. Unfortunately it’s also a time consuming task, which is why so many luxury and classic vehicles get purchased as a restoration project and why a wide majority of them wind up still sitting, not restored, years later.

At Zong Infinity CO.,LTD Garage We don’t change the classic vehicles that we work on, we basically bring back the cars to their former glory, restoring them guided at low cost and repairing them until they look as good as they did when they first launched into the market. We’re qualified to restore not only the outside of the vehicle, but also the inside, truly restoring the vehicle back to its former glory.

The following is a list of our Individual Services. Contact us here in Bangkok Thailand to discuss your vehicles needs or desires.
• Rust Repairs
• Partial & Complete Repainting
• Custom Metal Fabrication
• Custom color painting/color changes
• Custom Paint & Design

Here some of the many projects that we have taken on, showing you what the vehicle was like before our experts started working on it, and what it was like once they had finished restoring the vehicle so that it looks, and works, the way that it should. It’s here that you’ll truly see the miracle that our vehicle experts are capable of. We even can change to be new color as your desire. Contact us to get a free estimate reasonable price. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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